Pros & Cons of Making a Weekly Budget 

For some individuals and households, a standard monthly budget might do the trick. But others may find they prefer the added control and flexibility a weekly budget template can offer.

Pro: More Flexibility

Using a weekly budget could help you spot when, where, and why you overspent in a certain category. And you can react more quickly to make changes to get back on track.

Pro: Tracking Fewer Transactions

If you sit down to review your spending every week, instead of just once a month, you may be able to run through your transactions more quickly.

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Pro: Planning Around Paychecks

A weekly budget could help pinpoint those extra paydays so you can take advantage of the opportunity to work on a short- or long-term goal.

Con: Too Much Temptation

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The added flexibility that can make a weekly budget appealing also could make it easier for some individuals and households to be tempted off course.

Con: Weekly Check-ins Could Become Overwhelming

Taking the time each week to review your purchases and update your budget may not be realistic for some people.

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