Packing Hacks: 8 Easy  Ways to Save Time & Money 

I’m notorious for my travel packing hacks that allow me to pack lightly and take only one carry-on bag and a backpack on my trips. Check out these easy packing tips you can follow!

1 – Use Lightweight Luggage With Plenty of Interior Room

Given that it’s a hardtop, you will also never have to worry about it fitting in the overhead bin space.

2 – Pack Lightweight Clothing That You Can Layer

On longer trips, you may be able to do laundry when you’re there.

Terrain Map

3 – Limit Your Shoes

I never pack more than two pairs of shoes. Pick one sandal and one pair of closed-toed shoes, e.g. flats that are comfortable to walk around in.

White Bag

4 – Use Travel-Sized Everything

Get travel sized toiletries and favorite products, or, if you can’t, squeeze your favorites into 3 oz. travel size bottles.

5 – Packing Hacks to Save Your Jewelry

I usually throw everything into a small plastic box that won’t get compressed or crushed.

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