Moving Tips: Everything You Need to Deal With & How

How to deal with all of your stuff How to Pack How to Ship

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Moving 101

Identify your necessities & pack the rest Fill your boxes based on a theme Protect your breakables Pro Tip: Keep a few boxes open & empty for last minute items!

How to Pack

Staying Organized

Number the boxes Use color coding Write directly on the boxes to identify it's contents

How to Pack Food

Do this based on time left before you move (click to learn specifics!) Eat perishables first, what you can't donate to your friends Week of your move, pack up the pantry Click to learn more!

Dealing With Your Car

Drive it to your destination Ship it (see pros and cons!) & what to ship inside your car

1 - Change/forward/cancel Cable/Internet  2 - Forward your mailing address 3 - Activate key services at your  new place (read on for specifics!)

Random Moving Tasks

Hopefully these tips make a stressful process easier to deal with! Read on for more!

Moving Tips For All