12 Money Habits  Of Highly Effective Couples

Here are 12 habits that can help you become one of those couples that “have it together” when it comes to their money — and tips on how to get there.

Automation allows us to reduce what behavioral economists call ‘the pain of paying.

Start Automating  Your Finance

Know Your Strengths And Weaknesses

It’s important to take personalities and habits into consideration when assigning tasks and roles.

Terrain Map

Get To Know Your Money Personalities

Taking a money personality test is a fun way to help you figure out your spending and saving style.

Learn Each Other’s Money Stories

White Bag

Taking the time to learn each other’s money stories and how their attitudes developed over the years can help couples build intimacy and understanding.

Find Things To Celebrate

Financial harmony comes from celebrating all the good that the other brings into the relationship and not harping on the things holding you back.  

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