Minimum wage to doctor’s salary: what I’ve learned about the value of money

Working wasn’t just about adding to my resume for college and medical school. It was giving myself some pocket money and a bit of freedom to do things and buy things without my parents’ permission.

What jobs did I have?

In high school, I worked as a filing assistant in a doctor’s office, at Hardee’s as a cashier; in college, I was a librarian and then a tutor.

Respect the Paycheck

Respecting the money also shows respect for yourself and the hours and time you put into earning it.

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Don’t Spend Money You Don’t Have

Whatever you have leftover is what you have to spend on things you want. Stay within that limit!

Being Frugal Will Always Pay Off

White Bag

It sounds like an oxymoron, but it’s true! The more you save and look for the best deals, the longer each paycheck will last, OR the most of each paycheck you save.

Take Care of What You Do Buy

Hand in hand with the above, the more you have to wait for something, save for something or want for something, the more you will value it.

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