6 Ways Long Term Travel Can Change You For the Better

Long term travel includes heading to a destination and having no set return date! It's a true immersive experience at your destination(s).

Who can do long term travel? Anyone! So long as you have the time and the funds to do so. If you can work remotely, then you can do this as long as you like.

1 - Become a Master Budgeter

Travel for any period of time costs money. Long term travel requires a solid grasp of your budget. You'll learn solid skills during this experience!

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2 - Improved Time Management When living somewhere else you have to abide by their rules and timetables.

3 - Gratitude Becomes Second Nature When you're away from home you realize how lucky we are. You start practicing gratitude daily (an important factor in happiness!)

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4 - Healthier Lifestyle Habits Food tastes so much better abroad! Plus you'll expand your palate and get more exercise based on local lifestyles.

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