Life Lessons From This Pandemic

Life is not the same as it was only 2 years ago. It likely never will go back to being the same.  We've changed in how we live, work, and what we prioritize. Here are some life lessons from this pandemic.

Prioritize Relationships

This pandemic has been a great reminder of how important our family and friends are: the ones that truly matter.

Importance of Health & Wellness

There's no greater wealth than our health. Being healthy, prioritizing health, is probably the biggest life lesson to take away from this pandemic.

Terrain Map

We Need to Protect the Planet

During lockdown, humans went inside and animals came back outside. It's a stark life lesson to remember: we share this planet with others!

We need to stop spending money

White Bag

We spend so much on things we don't need. Not having certain items during the pandemic certainly did not make us more miserable. In fact, we learned that we are fine without!

Back Up Plans Are A Must

Whether its having a good emergency fund, or a backup plan for childcare or your career, we need to have ideas in place so we are prepared!

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