Leadership Lessons from Bad Blood vs. Shoe Dog

In case you need some new reads, try out each of these books. Both are amazing, well written, insightful and quick and easy to read.

Some Lessons in Leadership

Don’t Lie

It’s not worth it. Any temporary gain you have as a result will quickly dissolve. You lose all credibility with the people you’re trying to build relationships with.

Surround Yourself With Experts

The point is that you need an expert in your field to always be there to guide you. Because you won’t know it all.

Terrain Map

You Have to Step in When There’s a Problem

White Bag

Charisma Will Only Get You So Far

Charisma will not protect you from a product that doesn’t work, from money that is lost, or from people demanding answers.

Fear Is Not The Way To Lead

People, scientists, experts, are all trained to ask questions. We ask when we think something is wrong, something is off, or something needs to be changed.

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