Important House Hunting Tips to Find the Right Home!

House hunting, especially now, is incredibly difficult. Prices are inflated, inventory is low, and it's such a large purchase! Here are some house hunting tips to help you stay objective and make the best decision financially and for your family

You need to know what your: 1. Must-haves are 2. Nice to have 3. Absolute deal breakers are Don't start house hunting without figuring this out!

First, make a few lists

Get Pre-approval

As soon as you know you're going to start looking, contact the bank you want and get pre-approved.  Know what you can afford to help narrow your search.  This also makes it easier to jump in on offers!

Stay Objective in Your Comparisons

Understand the real value of what you're seeing. Cheaper homes are often smaller!  Instead, compare the PRICE PER SQUARE FOOT. Then you'll really know what you're paying.  Click to see more comparison details!

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Mistakes to Avoid When House Hunting

Don't get too emotional Don't make an offer you can't afford Do NOT skip inspections!!!

Don't Get Discouraged

House hunting is hard and stressful. Don't give up though! Often, a home that is perfect will fall into your lap, you just have to keep looking!

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