Important Facts About Rent to Own Homes

Is it better to live in rent to own homes, rent, or buy? It depends. Everyone’s personal circumstances are different and the decision should always be made on those circumstances.

How do Rent to Own Homes Work?

This depends on your contract Your Rental agreement The maintenance you agree to  and more. Click to see further details about each point

What is Your Rent in a Rent to Own Home?

This is definitely negotiable, but expect to pay about 15-20% more than an actual rental!

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The Pros of a Rent to Own Home

For the Buyer - this is one way around a traditional mortgage For Sellers - You make more money on the sale and your tenants will definitely care for the house!

Cons of a Rent to Own Home

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For the Buyer - It's more pricey & you still need to secure downpayment! For the Seller - You are closed to other offers!

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