How Women in STEM Can Overcome Challenges & Succeed!

STEM careers include those in science, technology, engineering and math. For women, there are many challenges to overcome to get ahead in these fields.

Women comprise about 47% of the total workforce, bjtonly 27% of STEM workers are women (as of 2019). Here is what women are up against and how to overcome it

1 - Confidence & Intimidation

One technique that helps is to break down your tasks. Focus on immediately tasks. It makes everything more manageable, and you’ll gain confidence as you go.

This contributes to the gender pay gap! Ask lots of questions to understand what's fair pay in your industry and what your peers are making.

2 - Lack of Transparency

Society sometimes assumes that women have certain roles, or certain careers. It's an uphill battle proving you're different. Click to see how you can!

3 - Fighting typical gender roles

When you're traveling off the beaten path it can be hard to find someone to guide you. But there are ways to find a support system!

4 - Difficulty Finding Mentorship

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