How to Use Credit Card Churning to Travel For Free

Credit cards are something that people often use with caution. They can bring on unnecessary debt if you lack the discipline, and generally, people carry around one to two cards personally.

Credit card churning is a method of opening and closing many credit cards to obtain points and miles to travel for free.

What is Travel Hacking?

Travel hacking is the mode of gaining free or cheaper travel by earning points and miles through credit card sign-ups and bonuses.

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What is Credit Card Churning?

Credit card churning opens up cards, hits the sign-up bonuses, and closes them. People will use credit card churning to earn air miles, travel rewards, or cash back.

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How This Affects Credit

– Payment History – Amounts owed – Credit History Length – Credit Mix – New Credit

Credit Card Churners Beware

If you are thinking about doing some credit card churning, it is time to make sure some of these other factors will not affect your strategy.

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