How To Start an E-Commerce Business And Travel the World

This guide offers instructions on how to start an e-commerce business that provides the sort of flexibility in your schedule so you can travel and work remotely.

Type of E commerce businesses for Travel

One word, dropshipping. If you business uses this model, you can work from anywhere.

Figuring out what to sell

Look for companies with established warehouses and supply that will perform dropship functions.

Terrain Map

Choosing an ecommerce platform

You’ll want to find one with a full spectrum of features. In particular, using a platform with order management capabilities could be helpful.

White Bag

Consider optimizing your business for SEO, paid ads, write about your business and publish, etc.

Marketing Your Business

Get started today!

There's no time like the present to do the research and try to make a business work. Start, work hard, make money and travel!

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