How to Showcase Leadership Skills on Your Resume

If you’re considering making a change and need to update your file, this post is for you. These tips can help you update your resume to properly communicate the skills you have and make it through the door for that coveted interview!

Whatever a job says they need, be sure to mention it on your resume if you have those skills!

Customize your resume to the job posting

Provide examples

Give examples of projects, situtations, instances where your leadership skills shone.  It's a way to illustrate yourself on paper and give some proof of your experience.

Terrain Map

Highlight your soft skills

Much of leadership has to do with handling people and managing human behavior.  Soft skills are key here, so be sure to give them special mention.

Quantify your results

White Bag

There's no better proof of successful leadership than measurable growth.

Some key words

Competent, communication, time management, honest, integrity, greativity, organized, team player

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