How To Reduce Your Plastic Footprint As A Professional

A plastic-free world may seem impossible, but taking small steps to reduce one’s plastic footprint creates an impact if it’s integrated into one’s lifestyle.

For Individuals: Invest In Reusables

Reduce your container plastic footprint with: Water Bottles Wooden Utensils (or metal) Coffee Containers Tote Bags

Choose  Sustainable Fashion

If you have to buy new clothes, choose ones that are made with natural fibers, such as silk, wool, and cotton. This can have a huge impact on reducing your plastic footprint!

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Changes At Home

Groceries: Find products that have less packaging or that you can take home in your own bags.

For Businesses Check With Your Suppliers

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Work with your suppliers in sourcing more sustainable solutions in terms of packaging and raw materials.

Update Your  Company Culture

One way to encourage everyone in the company to commit to shifting to more sustainable ways is to declare it as part of your company values.

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