How To Plan Your Travel To Cuba

Planning travel to the Caribbean island nation of Cuba is very doable, despite the travel restrictions instituted by the Trump administration 

Before You Travel To Cuba

Flight When booking flights to Cuba you need to enter your reason for why you want to visit Cuba.

Cuban Visa

When traveling with tour companies, they should provide you a tourist visa, or tourist card, ahead of time as a part of your package.

Terrain Map

Cash And Currency

When planning your travel to Cuba, you must figure out alternate methods of payment to cover your expenses, namely cash.

White Bag

The dilemma in Cuba is that to exchange dollars you will lose out in two ways.  1. The exchange rate  2. The 10% fee you have to pay for the exchange.

Where To Stay When planning your travel to Cuba, definitely take into account all that you want to do-especially if you won’t be using a tour company. I found Old Havana to be relatively safe

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