How to Ensure You're Spending Money Wisely: 7 Steps

This story assumes that you are saving and investing as you should be, reviews methods to keep personal spending triggers in check, and helps ensure that you are spending wisely.

Instead of looking around and seeing what other people are doing, take a step back and figure out what makes us, as individuals, happy.

1- Is This Purchase Going to Make You Happy?

2 –Don’t Compare What You Have With Anyone Else

We must recognize that we each are traveling on our own paths. Your beginning does not compare to another person’s middle.

Terrain Map

3 – Experiences Over Material Things.

You just need to spend money and time in ways that allow you to try new things and step out of your comfort zone.

4 – With Material Goods, Choose Quality Over Quantity

No matter what, make it a point to take care of what you buy. Items that are cared for and maintained will last far longer than those that are not.

Let’s stop spending unnecessarily on things that don’t help us or retain value; Let's prioritize what we really need and plan for what we desire first.

5- Shop With Intention & Stick To A Budget

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