How to Dress to Impress No Matter What Your Budget 

How you dress can affect your confidence and help you feel better about yourself. But it can be expensive. Here's how you can dress to impress on a budget.

- Tailored slacks, button-down shirt - Blazers & cardigan - Closed-toe flats, heels, or wedge - Dresses - Clean cut shirts, tanks, blouse

Professional Attire to Consider

What Not to Wear

– Ripped jeans, baggy pants – Scuffed shoes, sneakers – Ill-fitting shirt You can still be yourself, but focus on being put together and professional!

How to Stay On Budget

Consider stores that fit you well. Look for sales, shop in the off season, and check outlet stores. Plus, there are shopping tricks!

White Bag

Shopping Tricks

Check Rakuten for discount codes Try shopping services and home delivery boxes Focus spending on high quality over quantity

Buy Only What You Need

Avoid purchasing things just because you can. Work through your closet and only get what you need to have a full wardrobe!

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