How to Define Self Worth

Leaving home to live far away for any reason, is difficult. Leaving home to to go another country where you don’t know the language and don’t know anyone at all? Even harder. 

It’s interesting that self worth is defined in part by a “confidence in one’s abilities”“. That makes it seem like you have to have some kind of talent, or be an expert, in order to be worth anything.

Our Self Worth Is Inherent

The work that each of us does daily for our own betterment, that’s a step towards higher self worth, because we are engaging in self care.

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So when people ask me how did you increase, or attain, your self worth?

I didn’t. My self worth was already there. I just needed to recognize it.

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I feel self-worth is somehow related to self-dependence and the realization that we as girls have a habit to be super hard on ourselves.

You Don’t Need A String Of Accomplishments

Lack of Accomplishment Doesn’t Define You

Respect who you are and fully accept every part of your tiniest efforts of making yourself feel or do better as enough.

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