How to Choose Your First Job: Dos and Don'ts

When the offers come rolling in, how do you decide how to pick your first job? How do you even know where to begin or what factors to consider? That’s what I’m going to get into with this story.

What are the top three things you need to worry about when taking this first job?

DO: Figure out Your Top Life Priorities to Tackle 

DON’T: Pick Your First Job Just Based on How Much it Pays

Getting paid is important–especially if your top priority is to pay off student loans; Other factors must be considered as well.

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DO: Take Lifestyle Factors Into Account

What’s the cost of living in that area? Will you have to live far away in order to afford rent or to buy a home?

DON’T: Hesitate to Negotiate Your Contract or Salary

If you're being offered a position, even if it's your first job, that means the company wants you, and THAT is your leverage.

So even if you do make the wrong decision on this first job, just remember: its not permanent. You can change it.

DO: Remember That This is Not a Permanent Decision

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