How to Buy Life Insurance in 9 Steps

Life insurance is an important part of planning finances and the future. It can protect your family and loved ones, and give them a safety net. Here's how to buy life insurance.

1 - Decide if You Really Need It

if you are single, without dependents, you may not need it, OR if you have a partner who has a sufficient bundle of their own money.

Buy At The Right Time

The younger and fewer responsibilities you have, the better the time to purchase. Your premiums will be much cheaper!

Do Your Research

There are many different types and amounts of policies out there.  Click to see how to determine what's best for your situation.

Calculate How Much

You don't necessarily need the most expensive policy! Do the proper calculations so you don't over pay for excess.

Prep For Your Interview

Yup, it's part of the process. Be prepared with information, and to have blood work done! Click for more details!

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