How to Boost Your Confidence at Work in 21 Steps

Confidence is a behavior that drives how we interact with the world, our co-workers, our friends, and our family. Here are 21 ways to boost your confidence at the office.

1. Practice

Ever heard the phrase “fake it til you make it?” Well, there’s some truth to it. While perfection isn’t the goal, practice does lead to high levels of confidence, skill, and ability.

2. Identify Your Confidence Triggers

Surround yourself with the people, activities, and things that make you feel good. Then, focus on what you can control and forget the rest.

Terrain Map

3. Accept That You’ll Never Be 100% Confident

Once you accept that you’ll never be 100% perfect, you can move on from things that take your confidence and focus on what works for you.

White Bag

4. Be Specific About Your Limitations

Identify your weaknesses and make an effort to overcome them. You’re sure to gain confidence as you minimize your limitations and focus on the good in your life.

5. Uncover What Does Give You Confidence

Become obsessed with things that give you confidence. Then, capitalize on them and find ways to integrate these boosts in your faith into what you do regularly.

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