How To Be More Productive in the New Year

Here we’ll go over how to be more productive and efficient so that you have more time for you! Plus, I’ll give an overview of a popular time management method called the Pomodoro technique.

Set Goals

You don’t have to have a plan for every minute of your time, but you should have something to work towards.

Set A Routine For Yourself

The more consistent you are with your routine, the more you get into the habit of productivity at work and relaxation at home.

Terrain Map

Minimize Distractions

Set Your Workspace Find an area, or a work environment that you know to be helpful to you in getting things done.

Stay Off Of Social Media

White Bag

If you must check, do so when you’re doing anything not work-related, for instance, during lunch.

Take Breaks

Recharge by getting up and walking around. Stretch your legs, grab a coffee. I’ll sometimes step outside of my clinic and get some sun.

Pomodoro Technique

Use a timer! Set it for 20 minutes of work, and a ten minute break (one pomodoro). Do four of these, then take a longer break! Click the link for more details.

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