How to Be More confident: 21 Steps to Take

Confidence is a behavior that drives how we interact with the world, our co-workers, our friends, & our family. Here's how to be more confident at work!

Like all things, getting good at something or honing a skill takes time and it takes practice.  You have to practice how to be confident in order for it to become a natural part of you!


Know your triggers and limits

You'll never be confident all the time, and certain situations will make you feel less so. Know what's what and you'll be able to navigate what DOES make you confident and what you are good at.

Terrain Map

Use Self Reflection when Practicing How to be Confident

Always think back to moments when you were confident and what made you feel that way. Do the same when you don't feel confident.

Cancel out negativity

White Bag

It's easy to get down on yourself. But don't let negative thoughts, self limiting beliefs or other's opinions spot you from working on confidence, or being so.

Don't forget to ask for feedback, and ask the people who know you best and can give you constructive thoughts.

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