How to be a Badass: Lessons From Ocean's 8

Ocean's 8 is an all female cast movie about getting revenge and serving up a healthy dose of Karma. It also highlights all the ways you, as a woman, can be a badass.

1 - Be your own version of a badass, not anyone else's First things first, define "badass" for yourself. Don't compare to anyone else, and work on being that best version of you possible.

2 - Never Underestimate the Pretty Girl

Looks aren't everything, and Ocean's 8 highlights that more than anything else.

Terrain Map

3 - Keep your squad diverse

If you know different kinds of people, you will be more open minded and open to new ideas.

Constantly Push Your Comfort Zone

White Bag

There is always something new to be learned and different ways to grow. If you want to be a badass, then continuously push yourself.

Be Goal Oriented

The main character of Ocean's 8 never strayed from her goals. And neither should you. Don't stop until you've achieved it all

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