How to Adapt to Life Changing Events

We all have experienced life changing events that affect how we see the world and ultimately shape who we become.  Adjusting afterward can be difficult, but it is doable

So, what are life changing events exactly?

These include anything that alters your perception of who you are & your priorities.  getting married, moving, having kids; health issues or caring for a sick loved one;  changing jobs

Changing Your Life to Reflect Your New Priorities

This is the hard part, and the biggest hurdle to overcome after a life changing event.

Terrain Map

Be Prepared To Lose Friends

People in your life may not like the fact that you've changed! You have to decide if they can come with you on your new path.

Don't force yourself into old situations

White Bag

Your tolerance for what used to be important to you may be gone. Don't force yourself to continue! Don't feel guilty for wanting to change things up/

Don't waste time making the life changes you need

Any life changing event teaches you that life is short. So do what you need to do...NOW

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