How Seeing a Therapist Has Changed My Life

Why I See a Therapist

I felt like I was slowly losing control, not just of my life, but of my mind as well. I finally decided that I couldn’t go on, and reached out and asked for help. 

Who To Turn To

Think of someone you know and trust to be discreet; this is someone you can turn to, confide in and admit to that you need help. This person can be through your work or personal life.

How You Can Find One

You can use the same approach to find a therapist as I did by reaching out to someone you trust at work and get recommendations.

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Another option is to use online therapy. There are smartphone apps that will connect mental health professionals to users in an instant and from the comfort of your home.

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What To Look For When You Start Seeing a Therapist

– You want someone that you find easy to talk to – You want a therapist that you feel comfortable and at ease with

How Therapy Changed My Life

In each of my sessions, I have been able to unload my thoughts, feelings, doubts and fears, and I have been given mental tools to help me cope with my issues.

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