How Much Car Can I Afford? Top Questions Answered

There is no one size fits all answer financial experts can agree on when it comes to how much car you can afford.

4 Tips To Help You Buy A Car You Can Afford

1. Set A Car Budget Go ahead and set a budget for each of the following: – Insurance (ideal premium) – Fuel – Maintenance

2. Don’t Forget About The “Other” Car Expenses

The biggest car-buying error most people make is not considering all of the other car expenses that go with purchasing a new car.

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3. Do Your Best To Avoid Brand New Cars.

New Cars Lose Close To 20% Of Their Initial Value In The First Year Of Owning One.

4. Don’t Get Caught Up With Car Envy

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If you are buying your next car to impress others you will most likely go over budget in just about every area.

Affording The Right  Car Options:

- Buy Certified Pre-Owned - Buy Used Cars - Don’t Lease A Car

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