Hosting Online Conferences: How to Plan, Prepare & Execute

Everything is happening virtually nowadays, including conferences. Having virtual capabilities enhances your audience reach, and allows people to join who otherwise may not be able to.

Planning and Preparation For Online Conferences

What Is The Purpose Of The Event?

Be sure to use words, or phrases that you want to be associated with and that speak to your mission.

The Number Of People Who May Join And Hosting Location

If you’re going to do a hybrid conference, then be sure to consider who will be taking care of the online streaming portion.

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Who Are The Speakers?

Lining up your presenters is important. You need to identify the person, the topic they will be in charge of, and the time they will speak.

How Is the Conference Set Up?

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With these kinds of events, one of the advantages of attending is meeting people and networking. That ability is diminished when it’s all online.

Will It Be For Free, or Is There a Cost?

If this is a first-time conference, getting people to pay up can be a bit difficult, especially if you don’t have sponsors to help with elevating your presence.

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