5 Holiday Diet Tips to Maintain Your Weight

The holiday season brings work, travel, time with family and a whole lot of baked goods. Here are some ways to stay healthy during the holidays & still enjoy!

Don't let yourself go during this time!  Some ideas:  – Journal & self-reflection. – Make time to learn mindfulness – Get up early to meditate – Go for daily walks – Paint, draw or sketch to express yourself.

1 - Make Self care a Priority

Get moving each day! Practice stretching, yoga and other exercises that you can easily do at home or indoors.!

2 - Stay Active

It's hard to resist the holiday treats! Balance out your day with healthy options as well. For each treat, be sure to have a healthy meal!

3 - Consume Goodies in Moderation

The best way to feel good is to get rest. Give your body time to heal each night. Prioritize sleep as a way to stay healthy during the holidays!

4 - Make Sure You Sleep!

5 - Stay Hydrated

With all the amazing food comes amazing holiday drinks. Create balance again by following each drink with a large glass of water!

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