GoodRx Review: Save On Healthcare

On average, Americans spend ~ $1200 per year, more than any other country. GoodRx is trying to help reduce these costs – and still get the medications they need.

What is GoodRx?

GoodRx is an online startup, & #1 mobile medical app, that tracks prices of  prescription medications.  Users can compare prices at over 70,000 pharmacies, & get  coupons for discounts.

How GoodRx Works.

– Go to – Input the medication you need – View pharmacies that sell it – Compare prices – Go to the pharmacy and get your medication!

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GoodRx makes money through online ad revenues. There is no charge for using their service!

Pros of GoodRx You don't need insurance You can use it for your pets It's free to use Doctors love it! Any medication can qualify

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Cons of GoodRx: You need a prescription You may miss your deductible

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