Get Rid of Work From Home Job Burnout For Good

Working from home is not the walk-in-the-park many imagine. Work is still required, and burnout still happens. Here are some ways to prevent or beat it.

Let's first define burnout:  Per WHO its an” occupational phenomenon” with:  – Energy depletion – Increased mental distance from one’s job – Reduced professional efficacy.

1 - Identify the source and manage your stress 2 - Take a break from work 3 - Talk to a professional Click to see details on these points!

Recovering From Burnout

1 - Understand how you manifest stress 2 - Develop coping strategies 3 - Get to work-life balance Read for more details!

How to Prevent Burnout

We spend so much of our time working and making a living. Achieving longevity, and learning to be happy each day requires that we deal with the negatives.

Why This Matters

How to Get Started Dealing With Burnout

Take time off to assess your situations and understand what's causing you the most stress.  One step at a time can make a big difference.

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