Frugal Living Tips To Save Money

When you have a high cost of living (HCOl), these frugal living tips can help you stretch your dollar further and save more. See how!

First Breakdown your expenses:

What are your fixed vs variable expenses What are your recreational expenses What is the cost of your investments each month? What about your debts?

Always Pay Your Bills First

– Take care of your fixed expense – Invest consistently where you feel comfortable (the amount depends on your budget) – Save into your emergency fund for a rainy day (at least 6 months worth)

Develop a Frugal Living Mindset

Don't buy things unless you need them Don't get sucked into lifestyle inflation!

Frugal Tip: Stretch Your Dollar

Look for the best deals Buy in Bulk Don't sign up for subscriptions Invest in quality Try DIY

Daily Spending tips to stay Frugal

Watch your utilities- use more in off peak Discount grocery stores Watch for cheap gas!