Free Fonts for Entrepreneurs to Brand Their Business

Branding is an important part of growing any business and establishing yourself. Aesthetics matter! Check out these free fonts to help accomplish your goals.

It depends on the goals of your brand! What kind of image, emotion and vibe are you trying to get across?

Which are the best fonts to use?

Best Sans Serif Fonts

Serifs are those dashes at the end of every letter. Some of the best ones:  Newake, Norwester, Animosa, Public Sans, Atami

These are a great option for more professional, clean looking type. Examples:  -Crimson, Butler, Lora, New York

Best Serif Typefaces

Want a more artsy natural look? Try these! -Zallord, Odachi, Rustico, Levi Brush

Free Brush Fonts

Keep it natural with these free font options: - Cervantiss, Signature Monoline, Tomato soup, Salted Mocha, Timothy

Free Handwriting Fonts

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