Free Fonts Entrepreneurs Should Consider For Their Business

Finding the perfect font is not only challenging, it can also be expensive too. Luckily, there is a more economical approach – free fonts!

The best free fonts to use will depend on the vibe you’re going for and the demographic you’re trying to reach. 

What Are the Best Free Fonts to Use?

Best Free Sans-Serif Fonts

Developed by the IndieGround Team, the Newake font gives the appearance of “full” bold letters, giving you a typeface that is easy to read.


The Norwester came to life through Jamie Wilson, a Twilio developer. Unlike Newake, it is thinner and more condensed. Plus, it has unique designs for glyphs and letters.


This font family also has a larger number of glyphs (508 glyphs, to be exact), five weights (extra light to extra bold), and five styles (extra light italic to extra bold italic).


As the name suggests, the Public Sans font is open to the public and can be downloaded to your computer without a hassle. 

Public Sans

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