Follow These 5 Steps to Make Money on YouTube

Are you looking for a lucrative side hustle or full-time gig? Learn how to make money on YouTube. So, to help you better understand how much YouTubers make, we’ve broken it down into a 5 step guide.

An individual channel must have at least 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of video watched in the last 12 months in order to qualify for consideration.

Step 1: Monetizing Your YouTube Channel

Step 2: Google AdSense

AdSense provides them the opportunity to receive payment in exchange for the placement of a brief video ad.

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Step 3: YouTube Sponsorships

Whether or not an individual achieves the monetization of their channel, there is the possibility of receiving sponsorships.

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Step 4: Transforming a YouTube Channel into Other Opportunities

YouTube is an excellent method for aspiring individuals to earn a reputation and jumpstart their careers.

To assure individuals are making as much money as possible on YouTube, they must follow this list of rules.

Step 5: Playing By The Rules

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