20 Ways to embrace lifestyle deflation (without deprivation)

You don't need to have a lot to be happy. You can downsize, or undergo lifestyle deflation, and still be content. Here's how!

First: Determine what matters to you, and what's "enough" in other areas.

Next, do everything slowly

You can't make drastic changes overnight! In fact you should. To maintain a cleaner lifestyle takes effort, time and commitment.  Take your time to understand how you can downsize so that it is sustainable!

Terrain Map

Eliminate unnecessary stuff

Sell what you don't need, keep what's absolutely essential, swap out expensive for wallet friendly, and ultimately consider a small living space! Read more below!

Evaluate the Big 3

White Bag

Your home, transportation & food. Understand where excess is occurring, and read more on how to eliminate it!

Recognize what you can't change

Then focus on what you can because not everything will be possible

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