Easy Plant Based Swaps for Any Recipe 2

There are many trends in diets today. One is a plant-based diet. however converting completely is difficult. This post goes over how you can make some easy plant-based swaps for your favorite dishes!

What is a Plant Based Diet?

Also known as a vegan diet, this diet avoids any and all animal products.

Some Easy Plant Based Swaps to Start With

Eggs: Flax seeds & chia Buttermilk: non dairy milk, or vinegar & lemon juice. Click to read more about these plant based swaps!

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Plant based swaps for butter

A favorite food and ingredient in so many recipes: consider coconut oil! Gives you excellent fatty content, plus flavor!

Plant Based Swap for Gelatin

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Yup, gelatin comes from pig fat. An easy swap out for this, though is Agar!

Click to read more about this interesting plant based ingredient!

What About Plant Based Swaps for Mayonnaise? 

With the same consistency, but even better nutritional value, consider Avocados! Avocado based aioli's for example, are delicious!

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