Do's & Don't's of Choosing Your First Job

When the offers come rolling in, how do you decide how to pick your first job? How do you even figure out where to start or what to take into account?

What you must DO when deciding on your first job

Figure out life's biggest priorities Take Lifestyle factors into account Remember: the decision isn't permanent

What you DONT do when choosing your first job

Don't pick based on pay alone Don't hesitate to negotiate your salary Don't forget your goals! Don't spend a bonus right away

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Keep Your Cool

First jobs are tough and can come with a lot of conflict. You may change your mind or have to pivot. Keep your cool so you can make the best decisions for you!

Be Prepared For Obstacles And Hurdles. It's a natural part of starting out!

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Find A Mentor

Any first job requires support and guidance. Don't forget to reach out to people at your new job, or reach back to people you already know for help.

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