Different Ways to Invest Money

Although having more money to play with makes investment simpler and less risky, anyone with a healthy savings account and enough income to set aside a few dollars each month can afford to invest.

What to Consider First

1. What are your financial goals? 2. What’s your investment timeframe? 3. How much risk are you prepared to take on? 4. Do you want to select your investments yourself?

Financial Goals

– College tuition (or the college tuition of your children) – Retirement – Paying off a mortgage – Making a downpayment on a property

Common financial goals include:

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Once you know your financial goals, it should be pretty straightforward to figure out the kind of timeframe you need to be investing over.


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The timeframe you decide on is one of the greatest determinants of how much risk you should take.

Investment Selection

If you’re new to investing, you might find the idea of enlisting a professional to help you select your investments more appealing than having to do everything yourself.

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