Debt free since 2017; and what I’ve done since then

Once you’re done with debt, the savings and financial smarts doesn’t, and shouldn’t, stop. So, here’s how I’ve been spending with my “debt free” mindset and maybe it’ll give you some ideas too.

Savings and Investing

I’ve been saving a large portion of my paychecks.  After paying off rent and bills, my account is debited weekly and money sent towards investments.


My attending upgrade still involves travel, lots of it.  Since this is what I spend most of my money on, though, I try to make what I spend truly worth it.

Terrain Map

Shopping for needs versus wants

There are things you truly need in life (gas, groceries, rent etc) and things you “like to have” aka want.

My needs:

White Bag

–  Mortgage  –  Gas  –  Groceries –  TV/Internet  –  Homeowners insurance/car insurance

My wants:

– New clothes – New shoes    – Stuff for the house  – Eating out/going out around town

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