Conversation starters: Master the art of small talk

Knowing how to start and hold a conversation is an important part of networking, career growth, & personal growth. Here are some do's, don'ts and suggestions for starting conversations successfully and making a great first impression!

Do's & Don'ts of Conversation starters

- Stick to what you know -Don't force it -- Be courteous & sincere and MORE. Click to see what else!

Ideas for conversation starters:

Travel topics- when/where was your last trip? Ask about hobbies- how was your weekend? Connect over mutual friends/jobs/interests


Like any skill in life, it takes practice to master the art of small talk.  Work on it with people you know and trust and soon you'll find it easier around people you don't know!

Use what works

When you figure out some successful go-to conversation starters, stick with them.  If it ain't broke, don't fix it!

Read your audience

Sometimes, no matter how hard you try, people don't want to engage. Learn to read the room and don't force the conversation!

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