College Graduates: Avoid 11 Common Money Mistakes  After Landing Your First Job

Before you sign a lease for an apartment or purchase a new car, avoid the most common money mistakes made by college graduates. We have assembled a list of blunders to steer you towards a financially fit future.

1. No Emergency Fund

Commit to building up an emergency fund that can cover six months of your basic living expenses.

2. No Monthly Budget

It’s your money, but you need to be wise to start on a path to wealth. Review your spending regularly to see how you’re doing and find potential cost reductions.

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3. Living Beyond Your Means

Your goal is to spend less than you earn so you can save money and invest some of your earnings.

4. Getting Rid Of Your Roommate

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Sharing expenses with a roommate, you may not see very much may provide you with worthwhile savings.

5. No Student Loan Repayment Plan

It’s a good idea to schedule automatic debit payments from your bank account and linking your paycheck deposits.

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