Cheap Dinner ideas For Busy Professionals On a Budget

It’s frustrating to spend so much money on a few staple items at the grocery store. While you can’t control food costs in a volatile market, you can save your budget with some creative meal planning and cheap dinner ideas. 

CrockPot Meals

A great way to set your meal to cook and go about your day. Some meal ideas include: – Chicken or beef chili – Chicken with Italian dressing or salsa (shredded to add to pasta or pair with a veggie) – Chicken and dumpling – Vegetable soup – Pot roast and veggie – Beef stew


Casseroles are as a cheap dinner idea because you can make a big batch to be used for leftovers later. Some ideas:  – Shepherd’s pie – Taco casserole – Breakfast casserole – Poppyseed chicken casserole – Beef stroganoff – Ground beef casserole

Terrain Map

Cheap Dinner Ideas With Pasta

You really can't go wrong with a pasta dish! – Homemade pizza – Mac and cheese – Lasagna – Creamy chicken pasta – Pasta salad – Baked ziti

Cheap Dinner Ideas for Vegetarians

White Bag

Sometimes, meatless options are much cheaper, and are great for your health! – Beans and rice – Cheese or veggie quesadilla – Bean and cheese burrito – Vegetable stir fry – Roasted vegetables and sweet potatoe

Sandwich Ideas

This is also potentially a great way to use leftovers - another method for saving! – Grilled cheese – Pulled pork sandwiche – Egg sandwich – Hamburger – Bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich

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