Challenges of a Female Doctor

People can really test your patience sometimes. Especially when you’re a female doctor. Society makes assumptions about us based on our looks, our clothing, the car we drive, and the gender we claim.

As the world has evolved, so have gender roles. More women are entering the professional arena; in fact, there are more female medical students now than there are male medical students.

Things I’ve Heard Since Entering Residency:

When I’m speaking to the patient, they interrupt:

“you’re too young to be a doctor.” “how old are you??”

Terrain Map

The Facial Expressions:

“do you really know what you’re doing” looks

The Disbelief:

White Bag

“I was waiting for a tall, old white guy to come talk to me” “ oh, YOU’RE doing it? I thought you were my nurse.” (despite introducing myself as “doctor”)

The Compliments:

“I love your eyebrows” “You have such pretty eyes”

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