Challenges  Of Female Doctors

As the world evolves, so should our stereotypes. Yet, we female doctors, and female professionals in general, run into issues.

When I’m Speaking To The Patient, They Interrupt: "You’re too young to be a doctor.” “How old are you??” “You look like a high school student”

Things I’ve Heard Since Entering Residency:

The Facial Expressions:

“Do you really know what you’re doing” looks

Terrain Map

The Disbelief:

“Did you really go to medical school” “I was waiting for a tall, old white guy to come talk to me” oh, YOU’RE doing it? I thought you were my nurse.” (despite introducing myself as “doctor”)

The Compliments:

White Bag

“I love your eyebrows” “You have such pretty eyes”

The Random Comments:

“You’re so petite” “You have really small hands, how do you work with them”

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