Challenges  Of A  Female Doctor

As the world evolves, so should our stereotypes. Yet, we female doctors, and female professionals in general, run into issues.

When I’m Speaking To The Patient, They Interrupt: "You’re too young to be a doctor.” “How old are you??” “You look like a high school student”

Things I’ve Heard Since Entering Residency:

The Facial Expressions:

“Do you really know what you’re doing” looks

Terrain Map

The Disbelief:

“Did you really go to medical school” “I was waiting for a tall, old white guy to come talk to me” oh, YOU’RE doing it? I thought you were my nurse.” (despite introducing myself as “doctor”)

The Compliments:

White Bag

“I love your eyebrows” “You have such pretty eyes”

The Random Comments:

“You’re so petite” “You have really small hands, how do you work with them”

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