Can States Without Income Tax Save You Money? 

Many people decide to move to states without income tax in hopes of saving money and having a cheaper cost of living. But is it really worth it?

There are several US states without income tax including: Texas Tennessee Florida Washington Nevada

States Without Income Tax

How to States Make Money

Without state income taxes, how do these states make money?  Higher property taxes Higher random fees (speeding tickets, car registration etc) HIgher Sales tax!

Do those other costs really add up?

In order for property, sales tax, and other fees to add up to your income tax, you would have to really be spending a lot!

Terrain Map

Lifestyle Decision

Where you live is not only a financial decision, but also a lifestyle decision. You may pay income tax in a state you love, but have the life you want!


As a financial decision, for high income earners a state without income tax can save you a lot of money. BUT: life is short! don't sacrifice happiness for the sake of saving money either!

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