Business Travel Tips for 2022 And Beyond

With everything online, the need for business travel was eliminated during the pandemic. 

What Happened To Business Travel?

The setup in the future is likely to be some hybrid of online and in-person meetings and events. Business travel has changed, and we must adapt to the new norms.

Business Travel Now

Save Time & Money on Business Travel

Use discount travel sites Stay with friends Split the bills ...see more tips in the article!

Group Your Business Travel

Consider multiple conferences or meetings in a given week. Especially if the locations are near each other! Travel once and get it all done!

Business Travel Abroad

Use those credit card points! Consider vacation packages Check vacation home rentals Calculate benefits of a rental car Click for more!

As a host or an attendee, consider hybrid events.  This includes in person and virtual attendance options.  This can save you a ton of time and money!

Hybrid  Events

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