Best Things to do at Home When You Can't Travel 2

Sometimes, no matter how well-intentioned we are, our plans just fall apart. Either we can’t go anywhere, the weather gets in the way, things change, something happens, or plans get canceled. 


For anyone needing fun things to do with kids at home, and with all school closures, you don’t have to hit pause on your kids education: Scholastic has online courses for free.


If you’ve already got a book you have started, then now is a great time to continue reading.

Terrain Map

Visit a Museum

There are several famous museums that have virtual tour options available. You can visit, take a look around, inspect some cool and unusual artwork from the comfort of your home.

White Bag

Now is a great time to study the stock market and learn about it. To get started, focus on the basics: stocks, bonds, mutual funds, ETFs.

Invest in the Stock Market


You’ve got all the time for random things to do at home, so let’s take advantage and downsize and get rid of all those unnecessary items you forgot you had.

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